Churev was a high ranking priestess of the Queen of Dreams/Enchantress - under the abbess, Hannal Leath - at the monastery of "Our Lady of the Visions" which was located in Quon Tali.[1]

In Blood and BoneEdit

Having made a surprise visit, in the flesh, to Tali's monastery, the Enchantress asked the abbess if an individual had arrived - a woman who the Queen of Dreams referred to as her "champion". Churev, the highest ranking priestess who happened to be nearby, was directed by the abbess to find this woman and to return with her - a request to which Churev bowed and replied, "At once, Abbess." Not long after, Churev returned, escorting a cowled and cloak-wrapped 'itinerant' - who had been sleeping for the last few days on the steps of the monastery. The priestess delivered the silent woman to the Queen of Dreams, as the woman was, in fact, the "champion" for whom the Enchantress had been waiting.[2]

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