Circle Breaker by Artsed

Circle Breaker by Artsed

Circle Breaker was an agent of The Eel in Darujhistan[1]. In his day to day life, he was a member of the City Watch. His uniform consisted of a ringed hauberk, a tabard and a boiled leather cap with the insignia of the Watch. He wore a plain shortsword scabbarded to his belt and carried a pike. Circle Breaker had unmemorable features, an extremely good memory, and his eyes were accustomed to darkness. Off-duty, he carried a leather satchel in which he kept his tabard.[2][3] He wore a jerkin.[4]

He lived four streets in from the entry to the Scented Wood (a location on Lakefront Street), in a single room on the second floor of a run-down tenement. The door to the room which he kept latched and locked, was thin and warped.[5]

Circle Breaker had grown up in Darujhistan and as a child spent a lot of time at the docks.[3] He recollected a lesson learned on the burning deck of a Freemen Privateers corsair, presumably having been one himself.[6]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

By the time of events in Gardens of the Moon, Circle Breaker had spent six years on the night shift guarding the Despot's Barbican. For the past year he had been eavesdropping on councilman Turban Orr. After each meeting he would pass on messages to various recipients according to instructions he had been given by his master. At least some of those messages were sent to the High Alchemist Baruk. Circle Breaker's motivation was to prevent the Tyrant Kings of the past from rising again in Darujhistan.[7]

Not long after Turban Orr's meetings at the Barbican had stopped, Circle Breaker wrote a plea for help as he feared to match wits with the councilman alone. The note was probably meant for the Eel, however Circle Breaker tore it up. Doing so, he thought he heard the sound of a spinning coin in the back of his mind which seemed a sad sound.[8]

During Lady Simtal's Gedderone Fête party, he was finally retired from his duty as a spy and given documents by the Eel to begin a new life in Dhavran with an estate and a title as reward for services rendered.[9]

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