A Circle of Seasons was a divination ritual performed in Seven Cities. Two seers faced each other within a circle and spoke a symbolic language of divination in a complicated dance of gesture. Organisers of such rituals often sought out participants who had experiencing great suffering as it was known that the gods chose to speak through them. A true divination could result in visual phenomena perceptible to the Circle's audience.[1]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Heboric witnessed a Circle of Seasons divination performed in the streets of Hissar. One seer was an ancient Semk shaman while the other was a fifteen year old blind Hissari boy. At the height of the ritual the boy shouted out:

"Two fountains of raging blood! Face to face. The blood is the same, the two are the same and salty waves shall wash the shores of Raraku. The Holy Desert remembers its past!”

Then he fell to the ground dead.[1]

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