Citravaghra, also known as the Man-Leopard or The Night Hunter, was one of the Old Beast Gods. His brothers and sisters were the boar, tiger, bull, wolf, eagle, bear and other gods, in no particular order corresponding to Togg, Fener, Ryllandaras, Fanderay, Argen, Tennerock, Balal, Great-Wing, Earth-Shaker, and so on.[1]

According to Saeng, 'he was the most amazing example of male beauty she’d ever come across'. He could coil and uncoil his body, flowing with a smooth easy grace. His upper torso and head were that of a leopard. He called himself the God that none dared worship because to him, the humans were the beasts.[1]

In Blood and Bone Edit

Citravaghra appeared to Saeng in one of her dreams, taking her back to the time when the Circle of Masters of the Thaumaturg brought down the Crippled God, causing very wide spread devastation.[1]

Citravaghra asked Spite to leave the denizens of a certain area of the Himatan in peace. He escaped when the Worm of Autumn attacked Spite.[2]

When the servants of Ardata surrounded the Disavowed, who were on a hill top, in the Himatan, Citravaghra counselled and tried to hold Rutana back from attacking the Disavowed single-handedly, but Rutana did not heed him, and was later killed.

He also killed one of the Disavowed called Hesta with his bare hands.[3]

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