Cold iron and hot iron were expressions used by veterans to describe a certain aspect of a leaders (or other entities) temperament.[1] Dujek Onearm and Toblakai were rare in that they were of both aspects. It was thought that historically, cold iron defeated hot iron by three or four to one.[2]

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L’oric addressed him. ‘I have been asked to explain “cold iron”,Warchief, and for this I need help.’
The desert warrior bared his teeth. ‘Cold iron. Coltaine. Dassem Ultor – if the legends speak true. Dujek Onearm. Admiral Nok. K’azz D’Avore of the Crimson Guard. Inish Garn, who once led the Gral." [3]

Sha'ik, he whispered, close by her ear, 'you know Tavore, don't you? You know her and she is cold iron, isn't she?" Mute, she nodded.[4]

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