The events of the Chain of Dogs appeared to have scarred the Malazan world and every other so throughly, that in the place the event occurred, realms folded upon one another, chaos and madness swirled in profusion to stain time itself, holding the horror of Coltaine's fall in an implacable grip. At this place a hundred worlds bore the same seared brand.

Gods walked the fall alike to ghosts. Numbered among them were: Dessembrae, Beru, Shedenul, Mowri, Jhess, Beckra, and Thilanda. Fragments of the Gods were chained there through the Deck of Dragons and the result of the gods' worship.


A level expanse of land filled with the crumpled helms and bones of the fallen which once stepped upon fell to dust. Atop a mound of twisted corpses rose two trees bowed at the centre to form an X. The remnant form of Coltaine hung there with an arrow buried in his forehead.[1]

In The Crippled GodEdit

Silchas Ruin walked this place feeling the thoughts of the gods around him, in their discussions of the Fall of Kaminsod. He sought a weapon for Rud Elalle, however those of the Eternal Fall were cursed in failure. He gained a Hust Sword from Shadowthrone and stated that he would gift his own blade to Rud.[2]

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