Please note that since the events mentioned on this page usually occur towards the end of the book, this page contains massive spoilers. Please do not read the nature or the events of a Convergence for a particular book unless you have finished reading the book completely.

"Convergence. Power ever draws other power."
―Onos T'oolan[src]

Philosophy of Convergences Edit

In House of Chains Edit

Mappo: "And I speak from long experience; curses are horrible things. Tell me, has Sha’ik ever spoken to you of convergence?’"
Karsa: "‘No.’"
Mappo: "‘When curses collide, you might say. Flaws and virtues, the many faces of fateful obsession, of singular purpose. Powers and wills are drawn together, as if one must by nature seek the annihilation of the other. Thus, you and Icarium are now here, and we are moments from a dreadful convergence, and it is my fate to witness. Helpless unto desperate madness. Fortunately for my own sake, I have known this feeling before.’"
―Mappo and Karsa, talking about convergences and their relationship to curses[src]

Events during a ConvergenceEdit

In Gardens of the Moon Edit

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In House of Chains Edit

In Toll the Hounds Edit

In Return of the Crimson Guard Edit

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