Corinn [Kor-inn] was a half-Napan cadre mage of the Bridgeburners.[1] She had deep brown eyes and black tattooing with filigree detail which ran from the tip of her nose to her forehead.[2] She wore a black silk shirt and brocaded vest.[3]

Her Warren was Thyr.[4]

Despite her sharp tongue, she was the object of Temper's admiration and affection.[5]

In Night of KnivesEdit

Corinn accompanied elements of the brigade who came to Malaz City with Ash on the night of the Shadow Moon in 1154 BS. Their mission was to help Emperor Kellanved and Dancer oust Imperial Regent Surly and return the Empire to its former glory.[6]

Corinn had been at Y'Ghatan and witnessed the final battle of Dassem Ultor and his First Sword. She recognized Temper from that battle and tried to shield him from involvement in the battle to come.[7] She also attempted to spare the life of Kiska, the young local who accidentally became entangled in their operation.[8]

During the attack on Mock's Hold, Corinn fell but was released unharmed to Temper by Dancer in exchange for a favour.[9] Temper left an unconscious Corinn with Lubben, the keep's gatekeeper, but she soon awoke and followed him to the Deadhouse. There she provided magical cover as he and Lubben battled Jhenna, the House's Jaghut guardian.[10]

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