The Cracked Pot Trail was a pilgrim's pathway from the Gates of Nowhere in Reliant City to the Shrine of the Indifferent God in Farrog.[1] The majority of the cobblestoned trail crossed the Great Dry, a large plateau of scrub grass and the occasional well or spring, and took around thirty-nine days to complete.[2]

The final stage of the trail, called the Great Descent, passed three hundred feet down a cliff to a vast river. On the riverside were a cluster of shacks and a flat bottomed ferry operated by a ferryman from a stone jetty. The ferry left at dusk to take advantage of river currents that would bring travelers to Farrog by dawn.[3]

In Crack'd Pot TrailEdit

The poet Avas Didion Flicker followed the trail with a caravan during a season of bad drought.[4] Half way across the Great Dry the travelers turned to cannibalism to survive.[5]

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