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The Crow were Coltaine's own Wickan clan.

They engaged in blue tattooing with intricate geometric designs on their entire body, including the face.[1]

In Deadhouse Gates[]

Well over one thousand members of the Crow clan joined Coltaine on the Chain of Dogs. Towards the end of the march, Coltaine send some of the youths ahead to Aren with Duiker, amongst them Temul, Nil, and Nether. The rest of those still with Coltaine perished alongside him.

In House of Chains[]

Three hundred members of the Crow clan volunteer to be part of Tavore's Malaz 14th Army, joining Nil and Nether who were already part of the Adjunct's retinue.[2]

In The Bonehunters[]

After the Battle of Raraku and the Last Siege of Y'Ghatan, the Crow of the 14th Army were shamed. They had expected to join Coltaine and Bult in glorious death. When the 14th Army embarked aboard Admiral Nok's transport ships, Temul believed that most of the Crow would leave the army in Unta and return to their families.[3]


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