The Cult Of Rashan had existed in the Seven Cities long before the Throne of Shadow had been occupied as, in the minds of humanity, there was nothing wrong with the worship of an empty throne. 

When the Malazan Empire invaded Seven Cities, the Cult of Rashan was spared from the purge as it was a recognised religion.[1]

In Seven Cities selected members of the order were taught the Shadow Dance, which was the manifestation of Rashan in this realm, the drawing of darkness to light. In the Shadow Dance it was not the body that was watched, but the shadow it painted. The cult believed the shadow was the dancer not the human.

According to Cotillion, the Shadow Dance was never meant for performance but was in fact the art of assassination.[2]

The cult had not responded well to the ascendency of Shadowthrone and Cotillion, and had torn itself apart.

At one time, prior to his joining the Malazan Army, Quick Ben had been a High Priest of Rashan in Seven Cities. On the night the cult was annihilated at the Rashan Temple at Ehrlitan, he watched Lostara Yil perform a Shadow Dance called 'The Song of the Reeds'. Quick Ben had arrived at the temple under a different name. Cotillion told Lostara years later that on that night, the attraction between her and Quick had been mutual as far as he knew. After the dance, during the night, the assassinations had begun, although Quick Ben had not been alone, there had been an assassin as well. Apart from Lostara, Quick Ben also let Bidithal go, an act which brought him the wrath of Shadowthrone.[3]

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