The D'Avore family had been prominent on the continent of Quon Tali for a considerable period of time; the D'Avore family being responsible for the formation of their "legendary mercenary company" - the Crimson Guard - long before the formation of the Malazan Empire. The initial target of the D'Avore family had been the 'Talian Hegemony' which they opposed on almost all fronts — greatly angering the inhabitants of the twin cities of Quon and Tali.[1]

Marinated strips of venison, smelling of almonds was a delicacy of northern D'Avore.[2]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

The Fenn Mountains had been the location of the Citadel, an ancestral hold of the D'Avore family. The fastness was the last of their holds to fall to the Empire and was brought down by Kellanved with an earthquake.[3]

In Dancer's LamentEdit

Even at the beginning of the sway that the D'Avore family ended up having over Quon Tali, they did not have a kingdom. Instead, they held a "few tiny isolated fortresses" in the wild, steep mountains of the Great Fenn Range in the far north of the continent.[4]

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The last two of the "few tiny...fortresses" that the D'Avore family had held in the Fenn Mountains could well have been the Citadel and the Red Fort (the latter mentioned in Kellanved's Reach). If so, then it's possible that the Citadel outlasted the Red Fort.

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