D'ivers were a higher order of shape-shifter[1] than Soletaken. They sembled between a single humanoid form and multiple entities in their other form. During the transformation process, a D'ivers exuded a sharp, spicy scent.[2]

Like a Soletaken, a D'ivers' fangs and claws spread a virulent infection that usually caused hallucinations, madness, and death. Those that survived their terrible wounds faced the possibility of recurring bouts of insanity several times a year for the rest of their lives.[3]

T'lan Imass, Soletaken, and D'ivers shared a mysterious bond of kinship.[4]

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In Memories of IceEdit

While recalling the ritual that created the First Heroes of the First Empire, Treach noted that it had unravelled unexpectedly and unpredictably. The strongest Soletaken were gripped by madness and splintered into pieces, birthing the D'ivers. The T'lan Imass attempted to exterminate those Soletaken and D'ivers created by the process.[5]

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