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"Dal Hon, a land of yellow grasses, acacias, huge herds and big cats – savannah"
Mappo Runt[src]

The Dal Hon Plains were located in the southwest part of Quon Tali. This savannah region, along with the jungles of Forest Horn to the south, was the homeland of the Dal Honese.[1][2] The plains were an area of rich grassland with young, fresh winds.[3]

Herds of shaggy-headed great horned Thanu roamed the plains.[4][5] The plains were also home to zebras, whose genetic heritage was plain in the faint stripes of the crossbred semi-domesticated horses used by the Dal Honese.[3] Annual migrations of animal herds caused the earth to thunder under their passage.[3]

Dal Hon's eastern border with Itko Kan was unofficially marked by the main Kanese north-south trader road.[6]

The waters between Dal Hon and the island of Geni were known as the Genii Straits.[7]


Gorashel ruled the Eastern Dal Hon savannas in the years before the founding of the Malazan Empire.[8] Historically, the Dal Honese were a warlike people.[9]

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