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Quon Tali

"Dal Hon, a land of yellow grasses, acacias, huge herds and big cats – savannah"
Mappo Runt[src]

The Dal Hon Plains were located in the southwest part of Quon Tali, just north of Forest Horn. This savannah region was the homeland of the Dal Honese.[1] They were an area of rich grassland with young, fresh winds.[2]

Herds of shaggy-headed great horned Thanu roamed the plains.[3][4] The plains were also home to zebras, whose genetic heritage was plain in the faint stripes of the crossbred semi-domesticated horses used by the Dal Honese.[2] Annual migrations of animal herds caused the earth to thunder under their passage.[2]

The waters between Dal Hon and the island of Geni were known as the Genii Straits.[5]

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