Dalk Tennes was an Eleint.[1]

In Fall of LightEdit

Dalk had mated with his wife Iskari Mockras and was flying the currents when he caught the scent of freshly spilled blood and changed course to investigate.[1]

The dragon came across the carcass of an animal left behind by Lasa Rook and her companions, Erelan Kreed and Hanako, and as he was feeding was surprised by Ravast, Garelko and Tathenal, the woman's errant husbands. During the ensuing fight, Dalk was injured and only narrowly escaped.[2]

Lasa Rook an her companions came across the wounded Dalk. Erelan noticed Ravast's axe which had been stuck in the dragon's foot and vowed to avenge Lasa's husbands whom they now presumed to have been killed by the dragon. The Thel Akai then slew Dalk and drank from his blood. Moments later he started raving and his words were from a dragon's point of view. He spoke of Iskari Mockras being pursued by Arak Rashanas, who was the loathed brother of the dragon to whom Erelan was giving voice. The dragon promised that Iskari would yield his spawn and swore that they would be born with hate for Arak Rashanas in their heart. Erelan then spoke of Latal (likely Latal Menas), naming her mother. A short time after, Erelan spoke of a female singing his name, presumably Iskari Mockras, then giving the name 'Dalk' to Hanako who asked what he meant.[3]

The Eleint Sorrit told Raest and Garelko that the dragon slain by Erelan had been her brother Dalk but as he had lusted after her blood Sorrit told them it was just as well he was dead.[4]

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