Dam Loudly Heer, an inhabitant of Farrog, was the Head of the Thieves' Guild there. As such, she was the Mistress of the Guild of Thieves' members.[1]

Dam Loudly Heer had very long hair[2] and was referred to as "the old hag" by a member of the Guild who felt that the Head of the Guild was prejudiced against him.[3]

In The Fiends of NightmariaEdit

Upon the usurpation of the Farrog throne by the new King, Bauchelain the First, the Head of the Thieves' Guild's was amongst those individuals arrested and taken to the crypts of the Royal Palace of Farrog. Two days later, the thieves of the 'Party of Five' gathered together in "Pink's Tavern" to plan the rescuing of their Mistress. It was decided that the group would make the attempt to free Dam Loudly Heer that very night.[4]

Despite a variety of setbacks - both major and minor[5] - the 'Party of Five' not only succeeded in infiltrating the bowels of the Royal Palace,[6][7] but also in finding and recovering the Thieves' Guild's head.[8]

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