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As found in US TPB – other editions may vary.

  • Dorin Rav, A youth out of Tali
  • Wu, Pseudonym of a young Dal Hon mage

In Heng[]

Of the Kanese Sword-Dancers[]

  • Hallens, Captain of King Chulalorn the Third's bodyguard
  • Iko, A new recruit to the king's bodyguard
  • Yuna, A member of the king's bodyguard
  • Torral, A member of the king's bodyguard
  • Sareh, A member of the king's bodyguard
  • Rei, A member of the king's bodyguard
  • Yvonna, A member of the king's bodyguard


  • Ryllandaras, The White Jackal, also known as the man-beast
  • Sister Night, A powerful and ancient sorceress
  • Dassem, An acolyte of Hood, named by some the ‘Sword of Hood'
  • Liss, A resident mage of Li Heng
  • K'rul, An elder god

The following list records all of the characters that appear in Dancer's Lament in alphabetical order.

Names in bold indicate characters that are mentioned in the book's Dramatis Personae section.
Names in italics are characters that appear or are mentioned in the book, but are not listed in its Dramatis Personae section.

Characters that are only talked about or referred to in the books but do not make a full appearance are marked with (Mentioned only).
Characters that are talked about or referred before then making a full appearance in a later chapter of the book are marked with (First mentioned) and (First appearance).

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  • Baudin, a Pung urchin of Li Heng[6]
  • Biter, Ullara's owl, one of her birds of prey[7]
  • Breaker-Jon, an Urquart enforcer of the Hengan underworld[7]
  • Bruneth, a Pung gang member of the Hengan underworld[8]
  • Buell, a veteran of the Hengan Army Regulars[5]
  • Burn, an Elder Goddess, aka the 'Sleeping Goddess' (Mentioned only)[3]




  • Edgewalker, a guardian of the Shadow Realm (Mentioned only)[14]
  • ( Enchantress : see T'riss )
  • Errant, an Elder God[7]





  • Iko, Kanese sword-dancer, a new recruit to the king's bodyguard[10]





  • Malkir Herengar, the heir to the Grisian throne, twin brother of Malle of Gris (First mentioned)[10] (First appearance)[5]
  • Malle of Gris, a Grisian noble, twin sister of Malkir Herengar (Mentioned only)[16]
  • Mara, a Li Heng city mage[10]
  • Mister Ho, aka Ho, a Li Heng city mage, also known as 'Hothalar'[11]
  • Mosolan, an old Kanese general[20]
  • Mowri, the 'Lady of Slaves and Beggars' (Mentioned only)[15]


  • Nara, the lone caravan survivor of an attack by Ryllandaras on the Seti Plains[11]


  • Oberl, aka 'Oberl of Purge', of the Crimson Guard (First mentioned)[10] (First appearance)[5]
  • Odd-Hand, a minor figure in the Hengan underworld (Mentioned only)[7]
  • Oleg Vikat, a scholar of the Warrens (Mentioned only)[4]
  • Oponn, the 'Twin Jesters of Chance' : Lad (push/bad luck) and Lady (pull/good luck)[11]
  • Osserc, an Elder God (Mentioned only)[2]



  • ( Queen of Dreams : see T'riss )




  • Tapal, mistress of the Favathalven Hengan family estate[11]
  • Topaz, a thief of song (Mentioned only)[3]
  • Torral, a Kanese sword-dancer, a member of the king's bodyguard[10]
  • Tran, one of Pung's underbosses of the Hengan underworld (First mentioned)[10] (First appearance)[9]
  • T'riss, the 'Queen of Dreams' (Mentioned only)[10]
  • ( Twins : see Oponn )


  • Ullara, daughter of a stabler and a collector of birds of prey in Li Heng[11]
  • Urquart, a Hengan crime boss (Mentioned only)[7]



  • Watcher, one of Ullara's birds of prey[7]
  • ( White Jackal : see Ryllandaras )
  • Wu, pseudonym of a young Dal Hon mage[3]


  • Yuna, a Kanese sword-dancer, a member of the king's bodyguard[10]
  • Yvonna, a Kanese sword-dancer, a member of the king's bodyguard[9]

Notes and references[]