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Dancer's Lament
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Fields south of Li Heng[]

Sister of Cold Nights kindles a fire in the dark not far from the croft where she brought Juage. The Jaghut has long since returned south to its pretended servitude. She is soon joined by K'rul, who sits opposite her. She complains that the one K'rul has led her to has already left Li Heng. Also, he is incompetent, dishonest, and nothing more than a self-seeking opportunist. How can he be the one to succeed where so many others have failed? K'rul counsels her to see the matter through, and she agrees because she trusts him. K'rul warns that she holds his fate in her hands as well, something she had not foreseen. Bound to this flesh, she no longer possesses the old vision of their kind. Before departing, K'rul recommends she make up with T'riss, but the Sister of Cold Nights is not one to give up a grudge. It is the curse of their kind.

Li Heng[]

Ullara awakes that morning in the family kitchen. Her eyes are now only pitted scars. She releases one of her small songbirds to sing as she prepares food for the day's meals. When she goes to the stables to perform her morning chores, patrons look away or make warding gestures against witchcraft. Eventually, she and the songbird climb into the attic where she opens a window looking out over the city. The songbird sings, eventually chirping the word "Dancer!". Ullara rubs its head and tells it to shush.

Itko Kan[]

Iko has returned to the royal pleasure garden of the kings of Kan where she stalks her target in the dark. Her quarry is a sharp one and he expects to lose her in the hedge maze. But the little boy, Chulalorn the Fourth, gives his position away with his muffled giggles. Iko pretends not to hear him until the boy emerges claiming victory in their game. Four servants with lanterns gather around them. After receiving her dubious assurances that she could not find him, The boy king asks if the threats of assassination are true. She admits they are, but assures him she will protect him. Chulalorn informs her that the other palace guards call her Shimmer because of the mail coat she never removes. Then he races off with servants puffing in his wake. Iko thinks there are worse names to be called. Her new charge is a handful even with Mosolan as his regent. She vows that although she has lost one king, no harm will come to this boy.