Darist was a Tiste Andii who lived on Drift Avalii.[1]

He was described as an extremely tall, ancient old man. His hair was long, white and dishevelled and he wore a beard. His skin was black as ebony and his eyes glittered amber, actually emitting light. The heat radiating from his body shriveled plants in his vicinity.[2] He had weathered features.[3]

Darist spoke haltingly and stood awkwardly,[1] on another occasion described as carrying himself like an absent-minded scholar, yet was observed as possessing a singular mindfulness of movement.[4]

In House of ChainsEdit

Andarist by Autumn Tavern

Cutter meets Darist by Autumn Tavern

Cutter was shipwrecked on the floating island Drift Avalii and rescued by Darist. When Cutter mentioned the name of Anomander Rake, Darist mistakenly assumed that Cutter worked for Rake and he displayed a certain amount of animosity, based apparently on personal knowledge, towards the Andii leader. He said to tell Rake that if he was not happy with the job they were doing i.e. defending the Throne of Shadow, he should come and tell them in person before Cutter corrected the misunderstanding. Darist also spoke of his regret and grief over having lost many of his kin but stated this would ease his own imminent demise. Cutter called the old man a fool for having surrendered to despair.[5]

Darist possessed beautiful, silver glistening armour with ragged, knee-length tassels, which had seen centuries of use. Where it had been mended, the rings appeared darker, as if made of carbon-stained iron. The sleeves looked as if they were supposed to be worn skin-tight. With the armour came chain gauntlets and a dull iron helm which consisted of a skullcap within a cage of studded bars which reached down like a giant hand, its gnarled fingers curving down to bridge the nose, cheeks and jaw lines. A lobster tail of chain dropped down from the slightly flared neck rim and a sword completed the outfit.[6]

When he asked about the sword, Darist told Cutter that its original name had been Vengeance but that he called it Grief. He remarked that, if wielded by an individual with enough willpower, the sword was unbeatable in combat. He added that he did not posses such talent and so he expected the upcoming battle to be his last.[7]

The Tiste Edur enemies appeared and Darist and Cutter, after a heroic defence, were on the brink of being defeated when Apsalar and a group of Tiste Andii arrived. After another, short, battle the remaining Edur fled.[8]

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