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Dathenar was a lieutenant of the House Purake Houseblades.

He was an illegitimate child of House Drethdenan.[1]

In The Crippled GodEdit

A Tiste Soletaken dragon by the name of Dathenar Fandoris was the companion of a dragon named Prazek Goul in The Crippled God.[2]

In Fall of LightEdit

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It is likely that the name Dathenar Gowl which appears in the Dramatis Personae of The Crippled God is a conflation of the two names of Dathenar Fandoris and Prazek Goul. The name does not appear in that form anywhere else. The appendix does list the other two following each other, and does not mention any Dathenar Gowl however, Prazek Goul is named Prazek Gowl in the appendix of some editions. Thus it is highly likely that the DP entry is based on a mistake made during the publishing process.

Given that Tiste by the name of Dathenar and Prazek are each others constant companions in The Crippled God as well as the Kharkanas Trilogy and that their relationship is a similar one in both, it has to be assumed that they are meant to be the same people. It is unclear as to whether the gender change of Dathenar was a continuity mistake or intentionally included by the author.

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