Dayliss was a young woman of the Uryd clan,[1] who was the object of Karsa Orlong's desire. Karsa and Bairoth Gild were rivals for her affection.

In House of Chains Edit

After Delum Thord's injury, Bairoth's guilt, combined with Karsa's indifference to Delum's fate, led Bairoth to angrily reveal that he and Dayliss had long been lovers who had laughed at Karsa's attempts to woo her. The two Teblor were only prevented from killing each other by the interruption of an armed party of lowlanders. Once their mutual enemies were dispatched, Bairoth and Karsa agreed to defer their argument until their return home.[2]

Perhaps unknown to Bairoth, Dayliss was pregnant with his child when he departed with Karsa to raid Silver Lake.[3]

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