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It is one thing to lead by example with half a dozen soldiers at your back. It is a wholly another with ten thousand.

Life of Dassem Ultor

Sekala River[]

Its been three months that Duiker has been following Coltaine's army and he realises that Coltaine is preparing to cross the river Sekala. So he makes a dash through rebel army camps to at last reach Coltaine's camp. There he is taken to a briefing with Coltaine, his captains and warlocks. Coltaine sets plans for the crossing of the river. The Nobles want preferential treatment and have objections about Coltaine's plans, which Coltaine ignores. The Nobles are then thrown out of the meeting. Once the meeting is over and most have been dismissed, Coltaine asks Duiker about Kulp, and Sormo informs Duiker that Warrens are not so useful because of Soletaken and D'ivers infesting them. This is advantageous for the Malazans because Kamist Reloe has no knowledge of the older ways, which Sormo is able to turn to.

After he is woken by Corporal List, Duiker warns Baria Setral of the Red Blades that he knows that Semk tribes have joined Reloe's Army. The crossing continues then the battle begins, Duiker and List make their way to a wall so that they can observe the battle better. They meet the young warlock Nether who goes to face the Semk sorcerers, They observe another young warlock, Nil, raising ancient zombie soldiers. Nil informs Duiker about Wickan clan wars in the past which are mirrored by the zombie soldiers. 

The battle rages more fiercely as the Malazans are driven back to the river. Duiker is sure there have been mass drownings and they’ll all be killed due to the river holding them up, but the sappers have built a road across the river using the wagons and so the Malazans are able to cross swiftly and easily. One of the engineers, Cuttle, then blows the road with the Reloe's peasant army vanguard still on it, leaving a trench and trapping Keloe’s army on the one side of the river, leaving one army left to fight on the other side, the Semk, who eventually retreat.

Coltaine holds another meeting, where many losses are recounted. Duiker is told about the Semk god which is a cruel Ascendant. They also discuss that Ubaryd has fallen thus their only option is to go all the way to Aren.

Nether awakens Duiker in the middle of the night and takes him to Sormo, who shows him a cliff of ice with a Semk God's body in it, which was trapped by Jaghut sorcery. Sormo tells Duiker that he offered the flesh and thus the power of the Semk Ascendant to the land's spirits. He then releases the Ascendant from the ice who is torn apart by the spirits.

Nethpara, Tumlit and Lenestro (Nobles) come to Duiker with a complaint that Coltaine has taken their servants away.