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The Goddess drew breath,
and all was still...

The Apocalypse


Nawahl Ebur by Zoe Badini

Felisin Paran, Heboric Light Touch, and Kulp are in the buried First Empire city in Raraku. Kulp warns that living Soletaken and D'ivers are in the city and that they must escape, Heboric offers to lead them out of the ruins. He leads them through the city ruins and into a temple, a tunnel in the back providing an exit onto the mesa cliffs. Kulp and Felisin tie themselves to his back, and he uses his invisible hands to climb down the cliff and to the ground. They begin to run away from the shapeshifters of the city, but suddenly enter a sphere of calm and meet the merchant Nawahl Ebur. He promises them safety and the three travelers begin to relax, but after some time a Soletaken bear begins to attack the sphere. As they watch the bear, Ebur reveals himself as the D'ivers Gryllen, turning into a swarm of rats and killing Kulp. Baudin abruptly reappears and begins to attack the rats. Felisin and Heboric escape as the bear, Messremb, breaks the barrier and attacks the rats along with Baudin. Felisin and Heboric escape but before long, succumb to exhaustion and fall asleep. Upon awakening Felisin finds a terribly burnt Baudin approaching. He dies in her arms, breaking the metaphorical walls she has built around herself.

Baudin vs Gryllen by Shadaan

Mappo, Fiddler, Crokus, and Icarium continue in their pursuit of Apsalar and her father. They discuss the possibility that Apsalar might be considering taking on the role of Sha'ik or even that she might again be possessed by Cotillion but can only follow to wherever it is she is leading them.

Leoman and Toblakai wait by the corpse of Sha'ik. Toblakai is preparing to leave, though Leoman plans on staying. A young woman and an old man come through the whirlwind of dust and Leoman tells the woman that she is reborn to which the woman replies "So I am". She asks Leoman to assist her in carrying the old man, but to avoid contact with his hands.