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One who was many
On the blood trail
Came hunting his own voice
Savage murder
Sprites buzzing in the sun
Came hunting his own voice
But Hood’s music is all
He heard, the siren song
Called silence.

Seglora's Account

The Ragstopper[]

Kalam Mekhar, Salk Elan, and the Aren treasurer are dining in the stateroom of the Ragstopper's captain. The captain seems drunk. They are being followed by two privateers and the captain is thinking of attacking them at dawn. Kalam thinks this a mad idea. No one is quite sure how much time has passed since they left Aren. Someone keeps knocking over the hourglass used to measure time on the ship. Have they been at sea for four days or fourteen? The captain storms off when the treasurer suggests he has lost his mind and must relinquish the ship. The treasurer storms off when Salk Elan accuses him of looting Aren's wealth in cooperation with High Fist Pormqual. Kalam brusquely parts ways with his mysterious benefactor, who tells him he should be more grateful.

On deck, Kalam observes the captain ready the ship to turn on their pursuers even as a storm looms. The Bridgeburner thinks this increasingly bizarre behavior is a sign of some affliction. The treasurer's two bodyguards tell Kalam their master would like to speak with him, but the assassin refuses. Instead, he tracks down the lieutenant of the marines that have accompanied the treasurer on board. After he reveals his identity they agree to look the other way if something happens to the treasurer in the melee to follow.

The Ragstopper rams the first pirate vessel and the marines rush to attack. As the two locked ships heave in the waves, Kalam goes looking for the captain and discovers both the first mate and tillerman dead by the bodyguards' hands. The captain is lying unconscious next to the corpse of one bodyguard. Salk Elan comes to help. One raider is sunk, but the Ragstopper is flooding and all of her officers incapacitated. The treasurer has taken command and wants to surrender the ship. Both Kalam and Salk Elan concur that he is in cahoots with the pirates.

In fact, the pirates are the treasurer's uncle and cousins. He orders the marines to surrender their weapons so that the pirates may board and transfer the treasure to their own vessel. No one believes his claim that they will not be harmed. Salk Elan dispatches the treasurer's remaining bodyguard with a knife to the throat. Expecting no resistance, the boarding pirates are cut down by the marines' crossbows. A mage among the pirates summons an Enkar'al against the marines. Kalam leaps onto its neck, slashing its wings until it falls to the deck and is slain by the marines. Salk Elan eliminates the mage and the pirates are soon defeated. The victors weigh down the bound and gagged treasurer with sacks of coins and toss him overboard.


Felisin Paran, Heboric, Leoman, and Toblakai come within sight of the mile high Whirlwind that surrounds and towers over the Holy Desert Raraku. Felisin senses they are watched by spirits, causing Toblakai to reach for his weapon. But she assures him they are only curious. Heboric chastises her for thinking the rush of Sha'ik's power has given her wisdom as well. Toblakai asks for permission to slay the embittered historian, but Felisin says Heboric will have to serve as her wisdom since it can not be gifted to her.

Soon they will reach the oasis where Sha'ik's followers make their camp. Felisin takes Sha'ik's clothing and possessions from Leoman and dresses herself to match. Leoman says the High Mages among the factions may resist her, unsure if Sha'ik still lives within her. Felisin says that although she has not opened the Book of Dryjhna, she is the Sha'ik Reborn, and he must have faith in her. Then she addresses him with voice of her predecessor. Heboric says faith can not be commanded, but is earned if one proves worthy. Saying the High Mages have begun to lose patience, Felisin leads them forward.

The Ragstopper[]

The ship is only a few days from the Falari Isles, heading for Bantra, the Ragstopper's home port. The captain has been confined to bed far longer than Kalam expected considering the extent of his injuries. Although the man struggles to form sentences, the assassin can see in his eyes that his mind is still sharp. Much of what he says seems like gibberish. Salk Elan attributes it to a head injury.

A shout from Vole in the crow's nest alerts the ship to the sight of a fleet of Malazan ships heading north on the eastern horizon. Salk Elan idenitifies it as the fleet carrying Adjunct Tavore Paran and her army to retake Seven Cities. He tells Kalam that recent events prove the two of them form quite a team. Why work alone when they can be partners? Kalam asks Salk Elan what makes him think his regular partner is not here with them now? He takes pleasure in the moment of uncertainty he sees flit across the mage's face.