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Death shall be my bridge.
Toblakai saying

Outside of Hissar Edit

Duiker leaves Hissar and looks over the aftermath of the battle between Coltaine's Malazans and the Army of the Whirlwind. He is told by a Sergeant, that Kamist Reloe lives and will soon be on the hunt for the surviving Malazans. Duiker decides to follow the trail left by Coltaine's Army and the refugees, southwards into the Sialk Odhan, desperate to join them. He notices horsemen riding hard, which he guesses to be Tithan horsewarriors on their way towards Dryj Spring where he expects Coltaine to be heading as well.    

Near Skullcup Edit


Jade Hand by Corporal Nobbs

Felisin, Baudin and Heboric head west from Skullcup towards the coast over large basins. They always travel at night, taking rest and sleeping in the day. Felisin is still recovering from the Bloodfly-bites, even though the swelling has decreased, it has left a sense of poison under her skin. They come across a monolith which Heboric claims to be a finger and notice Otataral dust in the air which makes Heboric eager to seek the cover of their tents.

The next night, as they continue their journey, Felisin notices that one of Heboric's stumps has become infected where he touched the Monolith. She wonders if Heboric is going to live much longer. When Heboric lags behind, Baudin goes looking for him and Felisin takes the opportunity to rifle through Baudin's pack where she finds many curious items. When Baudin returns with Heboric, he tells Felisin the truth about Beneth and Skullcup, which she declines to believe and declares her prophecy that she will be the only one to live through their journey.

The night following, they come across a spring only to find out that it is fouled. Heboric seems like he is almost dying, so Baudin, using Heboric's tattoos, successfully attempts to open the warren of Fener. Afterwards, Heboric seems much recovered and claims that Fener is now back in the mortal world but that the God is afraid. They continue their journey, Heboric claims he smells water and tells Felisin that when they are at the coast she will find that nothing has changed. Baudin shouts in surprise.

Tesem Edit

Mappo thinks back to his tribe days. Icarium confesses his curiosity over Mappo's memories. They discuss Sha'ik's death and the prophecies.

Raraku Edit

Fiddler, Crokus and Apsalar continue down the ancient road on their ever tiring horses. On the right, behind the cloud of sand, they can hear an inhuman fight. They have to stop because Crokus' horse gives up. They brace themselves for battle, realising the fight they hear is between D'ivers and Soletaken. Fiddler sees three Gral hunters charging towards them, one is attacked by a Soletaken in the form of a bear, and the rest including a fourth Gral hunter, previously not seen, are defeated by Apsalar in quick succession. Fiddler is injured during the attack. In the chaos, a D'iver called Gryllen comes upon them, but Icarium and Mappo appear and vow to protect Fiddler, Crokus and Apsalar, making Gryllen retreat.