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The Malazan engineers are a unique breed.
Cantankerous, foul-mouthed, derisive of...
authority, secretive and thick-headed. They
are the heartstone of the Malazan Army...

The Imperial Military

Orbala Odhan[]

Kalam comes across the aftermath of the Uprising. It is five days since Apt's battle against the D'ivers. The demon has recovered from the fight and keeps following Kalam. Kalam comes across a camp of bandits claiming to be fighting for the Uprising. He is told of Coltaine and his refugees. Kalam reluctantly agrees to join the bandits to attack a vulnerable camp of Malazan refugees. 

As the bandits ride towards the Malaz camp, Bordu, their leader suggests Kalam and he attack from the other side; after they have broken away, Kalam slits Bordu's throat. Kalam then joins the Malazans who have turned the camp into a trap for the bandits. Together they kill the remaining raiders. The Malazans tell Kalam that they were part of a whole company which left Orbal, escorting out refugees. They came across an army and they are the only ones left, they being the captain Keneb and his family and his sister in law, Minala. Kalam introduces himself and tells them that he plans to go to Aren and join the Malazan ranks again. Kalam and Minala plan to attack the remaining bandit, who is guarding food, water and horses as they are in need of all three. When they get there, they find that seven other bandits have joined the guard. Kalam successfully takes down all eight bandits. Two other dead bandits are also found, likely killed by Apt.

Kalam is told that Korbolo Dom, who used to be a Fist of the Malazan Army, is leading an Army of the Whirlwind. He thinks that Minala is showing interest in him, which he decides to ignore. They ride out of the river bed onto the Odhan.

The Silanda, Kurald Emurlahn Warren[]

A wave deposits mud on the deck of the Silanda, which changes shape to reveal six T'lan Imass, their leader: Hentos Ilm. They say that they are looking for their renegade kin and the Tiste Edur. They also reveal that the Warren is an Elder Warren, Kurald Emurlahn. Hentos Ilm touches Heboric and claims that his God still makes use of him. Hentos Ilm kills the insane mage thus stopping the storm; but the Warren is left with a wound which needs a soul to be healed. The clanless Legana Breed gives his sword to Stormy and collapses into dirt, then spirals towards the sky subsequently bridging the wound. The rest of the T'lan Imass leave before anyone can ask them for a way out of the Warren. Truth asks if anyone else has seen the T'lan Imass carrying one of the severed heads. Kulp runs down to the Oar's deck and informs everyone that one of the bodies is now dead.