The Deniers were a segment of the Tiste population of Kurald Galain that did not recognize Mother Dark as a goddess. They mostly lived simple lives in rude huts in the forests where they observed the old gods and spirits and did not involve themselves in the realm's political affairs.

They were largely tolerated by those nobles whose land they occupied, if only out of pity.[1] House Enes was happy to leave them unmolested, but considered an attack on the Deniers as an attack on House Enes.[2] House Tulla had direct dealings with the Deniers through their castellan, Rancept.[3] Rancept, a Denier himself, claimed that they had Dog-Runner blood in their veins and remained behind when the other Dog-Runners were pushed south and west as the forests disappeared.[4]

The Shake sect were an offshoot of the original Denier worshippers. They shared worship of Dorssan Ryl, the river god whose temple had been co-opted by the Tiste of Kharkanas.[5]

In Forge of DarknessEdit

Hunn Raal chose the Deniers as the scapegoat for his plan to put Vatha Urusander on the throne of Kharkanas by seeding chaos in the realm and eliminating Mother Dark's rivals. He sent Urusander's Legion into the Denier villages slaying their inhabitants and burning their homes and woods.[6] Other legionnaires disguised as Deniers massacred the nobles of House Enes.[7] When T'riss, the Azathanai, resurrected Dorssan Ryl and flooded the capital, Hunn seized on this as further evidence of Denier scheming against Mother Dark.[8] He sent emissaries to each of Kurald Galain's power factions warning of hidden Denier plotters within their organizations.[9][10] Many of the surviving Deniers fled northeast to the Shake monastery, which took in their children, and to the Wardens of the Outer Reach to an uncertain fate.[11]

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