Denuth lived in the Elder Age and was described as the "Child of the Earth." He resembled a heap of rock, his arms and shoulders were made of dull black basalt and he had hands of stone.[1]

He was prone to engage in long, silent contemplation and could consultate with Mother Earth.[2]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

In the Elder Age, Denuth found an injured Liossercal at the site of a violent explosion. He was soon horrified to realize that Liossercal had obtained his wounds in the act of destroying an Azath House. He considered taking advantage of the Soletaken Eleint's weakness to finish him, but instead decided to order him to leave. He hurried Liossercal on his way by noting that Draconus was approaching and he "brings his answer with him."

Afterwards, Denuth was approached by Draconus, in pursuit of Liossercal and seemingly bearing an unfinished Dragnipur in the form of an "alarming darkness." Eager to add the Bastard of Light's essence to the Void at his side, Draconus departed. Denuth despaired for peace on a world filled with such powerful entities.[3]

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