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"It's that bhederin bull! Hey, Detoran! Your date's arrived - ow! Gods, what did you just hit me with, woman? A mace? A Hood-cursed - your fist? Liar! Antsy, this soldier almost broke my head! Can't take a joke - ow! Ow!"

Detoran was a huge, dark-skinned Napan with the 7th Squad of the Bridgeburners.[1][2] She used to be a Master Sergeant before being busted down like many of the Bridgeburners. It was said she had once so frightened one of her recruits that he had still stood at attention for a bell and a half after dying from a burst heart.[3]

Detoran had a crush on Hedge.[4] It was not clear how willing a participant Hedge was in their relationship, as she was known to grab him by the throat and shake him until he ceased struggling. This did not stop the sapper from returning to her arms night after night.[5]

Detoran fought with a broadsword in her right hand and a shortsword in her left, and made the heavy blade dance and weave like a duellist's rapier.[6] Picker thought her capable of standing toe to toe with the Barghast, Trotts.[7]

In Memories of Ice[]

The Bridgeburners - Sorry, Hedge, Detoran, Fiddler, Quick Ben, WhiskeyJack, Mallet, Antsy, Kalam - Interpretation by Shadaan

After Dujek Onearm's army went renegade, the decimated Bridgeburners were reorganised and placed under Captain Ganoes Paran. Like many of the other Bridgeburners, Detoran was not pleased with the change in command.[8]

Dujek allied with their old enemies, Caladan Brood and Anomander Rake, to war against the Pannion Domin. At the allied camp, cadre mage Spindle led Detoran, Blend, Hedge, Picker, and Trotts into Brood's command tent to steal Fiddler and Hedge's old card table. Rigged to win card games using the Deck of Dragons, it had been lost as a spoil of war when the Bridgeburner camp in Mott Wood was overrun. Spindle and the squad soon put the table back into action to swindle their fellow soldiers. But the presence of a new and heretofore unknown Master of the Deck card caused the plan to backfire, lightening their own purses.[9]

The Bridgeburners were sent by Quorl to the Barghast Range to secure an alliance with Humbrall Taur and the White Face Barghast. Detoran was part of a detachment led by Antsy that was to meet and escort Quick Ben to the Barghast camp. While the bored soldiers waited, Hedge ridiculed Detoran who responded by beating him senseless.[10] The Bridgeburners were reunited at the celebrating Barghast camp, and Detoran dragged a Gilk Clan warrior into the bushes for a romantic encounter.[11]

The Bridgeburners were the first of the allied forces to make contact with the enemy at the Siege of Capustan. Using Moranth munitions, they punched their way through 200 Betaklites and over a thousand Tenescowri at Capustan's North Gate.[12] After the siege was lifted, Detoran was among the Bridgeburners who discovered Coral's Prince Arard as he emerged from the refugee tunnels.[13]

The Bridgeburners traveled secretly to Coral to reconnoiter the next battlefield. By this time, Detoran and Hedge had patched up their differences.[14] During the Siege of Coral, Detoran and the other Bridgeburners were inserted into the city by quorl under the cover of darkness. Their mission was to attack the keep of the Pannion Seer while Dujek led the rest of the army into the city itself.[15] She joined Quick Ben and the other mages as they battled the Seer's demonic Condors.[16] Then she returned to the other Bridgeburners fighting Pannion soldiers in the keep.[17]

Detoran was killed while fighting more than a half dozen Seerdomin singlehandly.[18] Like the other Bridgeburners who perished, her body was placed in a sarcophagus within the throne room of Moon's Spawn after the battle by Anomander Rake. The failing Skykeep was then sent out over the Rust Ocean where it was presumed to have crashed into the sea.[19]

In House of Chains[]

Like the other Bridgeburners, Detoran ascended into High House Death.[citation needed]

In The Bonehunters[]

Ganoes Paran, now Master of the Deck, travelled to the newly reborn sea of Raraku. On its shores he performed a ritual to summon all of the dead Bridgeburners by name, including Detoran. Among the ranks, Hedge bragged this was not the first time this group of dead Bridgeburners had walked among the living, noting that they had twisted the hair of Korbolo Dom and his Dogslayers at the Battle of Raraku. Shank spoke directly to Paran, asking their former captain what he required. Paran requested that they help him find the Deragoth to destroy Dejim Nebrahl.[20]

In Reaper's Gale[]

Hedge's ghost told Emroth he never had any luck with women and joined the army to meet them. But he found women soldiers a lot more frightening than their civilian counterparts. Detoran had been "big and mean", and after deciding she loved him she showed it by beating him senseless. Hedge eventually determined that she had done so because she thought herself even less loveable than he did. Finding themselves in the same place in death, they had a chance to talk about their relationship. Detoran's problem was that she was inarticulate--she could not put together the right words to express her feelings, leaving others to guess what was on her mind. The two had worked it out more or less, though Detoran talked even less as a ghost than when she was alive.[21]

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