Dev'ad Anan Tol, an Imass inventor and former slave, was found in a crevasse by Harllo, a miner. Long before Burn's Sleep, the Jaghut Tyrant Raest had shattered both of Anan Tol's legs and had left him to die in the mine.[1] The Ritual of Tellann however prevented his death. He had become a T'lan Imass. Thus he sat undead in the mine for thousands of years. He was later described by Rallick as having half rotted flesh over bones, those bones stained dark with a battered armor of leather, fur, and bone plates and clumps of dirt all over.[2] His skull had turned brown with age and he had a carious face of dried sinew.[3]

In Toll the HoundsEdit

Harllo and Dev'ad Anan Tol by PLUGO

Harllo and Dev'ad Anan Tol by PLUGO

Dev'ad was able to fashion new legs out of old bones provided by Harllo.[4]

In Orb Sceptre Throne Edit

Dev'ad was with Raest, the Jaghut guardian of the Finnest House in Darujhistan, at the time when the Legate rose and took power in the city. He was playing cards with Raest when Rallick Nom came visiting.[5] Dev'ad sensed a Jaghut (the Tyrant) in the vicinity and left the Finnest House to go and confront, possibly kill him.[6] He emerged inside Majesty Hall where the Seguleh were guarding the Legate, and killed Shun, the Eigtheenth. He was then attacked by three of the Seguleh Hundredth and Palla, the Sixth. Dev'ad threw aside the three Seguleh and then engaged in single combat with Palla, eventually stunning her, but in the process taking several blows that would have killed him had he been alive. Bowing out and leaving Palla alive, he went to the Chamber room attacking the Legate, only to find that the crossbow bolts used by Scorch and Leff to hit the Legate had turned him into a human, which no longer made him an Imass enemy. Dev'ad then walked away.[7]


Dev'ad is expected to appear again in the Witness Trilogy. When a fan asked Erikson on his Facebook page whatever happened to the character, the author responded by saying, "oh crap, thanks for reminding me! When he appears in the first Karsa novel, you can say to your friends: 'That's because of me!' ".[8]

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