Brother Diligence was a Forkrul Assail 'Pure', one of the Lawful Inquisitors.[1] He was second in seniority to Sister Reverence and her closest ally. Diligence was described as being slope-shouldered,[2] and as being a tall, ancient male.[3]

In The Crippled GodEdit

It had been decided that Brother Diligence would be in command of the defense forces stationed on the plain outside Kolanse City - some fifty thousand soldiers - charged with protecting the Spire. Diligence had seen to the construction of maze-like "...embankments, slit-trenches, machicolations, fortlets and redoubts", as well as to the organization of other effective defensive measures.[4]

Diligence met his match, however, when Brys Beddict - in response to the Pure having raised his Warren, Ahkrast Korvalain - started reciting the names of all the Forgotten Gods - names which resided in Brys. The Forkrul Assail froze in agony as if the names were 'crumbling' him. He was motionless long enough for two K'Chain Che'Malle Ve'Gaths to fatally attack him, whereupon he "collapsed in red ruin", dead.[5]

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