The Dinal were a species of demon that inhabited the Shadow Realm.[1]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Cotillion went to check on Minala and the Company of Shadow, her 'army' of children which had been tasked with protecting the T'lan Imass First Throne. Minala told him of the horrific casualties suffered amongst her Company against the Tiste Edur. She asked fiercely for more help — in particular for Shadow Realm demons such as the Dinal, the Aptorians, or the Azalan, which Shadowthrone had the power to call upon. Cotillion told her that that would not be possible right then.[2]


"Ah, then I cannot expect more Aptorians. What of the other demons of your realm, Cotillion? Azalan? Dinal? Can you give us nothing?"
―Minala demanding more help from Cotillion and Shadowthrone in order to protect the First Throne[src]

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