Thel Akai, Jaghut & Tiste Realms

Thel Akai, Jaghut & Tiste Realms

The Dog-Runners were a people that once lived in the forests of Kurald Galain before it became a Tiste realm. But as the forests disappeared they were driven far to the southwest, leaving only a trace of their lineage behind in the Deniers.[1]

Dog-Runners were said to be "open to all pleasures and joys... they laugh with ease and weep with even greater ease. Every word is a confession and they do not understand dissembling. To speak with a Dog-Runner... is to be humbled and to feel blessed."[2] Draconus said they were "vulnerable to deep hurts."[3]

Dog-Runners practiced magic through witches and warlocks called Bonecasters. Their magic was about fire and earth, and tree and root. It feared the sky.[4] Their greatest witch was Burn, the Dreamer, who stayed behind when the Dog-Runners left Kurald Galain. In a hidden temple buried near Tulla Hold, Burn slept as her body became one with the thick roots of the forest. Rancept, the Tulla castellan and Denier, said Burn dreamed "so that we may live... she dreams, to give us our freedom."[5]

The Dog-Runners were a favorite of the Azathanai, Olar Ethil, who said she enjoyed spending time among them because she was a "cruel goddess" and they were "so easy to bait that I cannot help myself." Their worship fed her with its desperation and yearning. The prayers of the Bonecasters felt "like biting ants beneath the furs. It drives me mad."[6]

In Fall of LightEdit

Korya Delath met a young dog-runner called Ifayle. He told her that his name meant 'falling sky' and said it was because he had fallen from the sky a statement Korlat dismissed.[7]

The Dog-Runner Bonecasters, Hataras Raze and Vastala Trembler were called by two captains of the Hust Legion, Prazek Goul and Dathenar, to perform a ritual. They explained to the man sent to fetch them, Listar, that the 'mother' (Olar Ethil by context) was keeping the sleeping goddess from waking and that this sleep was weakening the Dog-Runners who soon would be no more, however that 'mother' also hinted at immortality.[8] Later on the journey, the two Bonecasters had sex with Listar which they said left them pregnant. They told him that his offspring would bear the tilt of his eyes and that their creation promised life beyond the fate of the dog-runners.[9]

The Bonecasters told Listar that they were able to detect the presence of any Azathanai with the help of their magic which they called Tellanas.[10]

Cadig Aval seemed to be explaining the prerequisites for conducting the Ritual of Tellann to Ifayle whom Korya Delath had brought to him.[11]


The evidence is overwhelming that the Dog-Runners were the forebears of the Imass. The events from Fall of Light also seem to indicate the presence of Tiste blood within the Imass.

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