The Dogslayers was the name taken by Korbolo Dom's troops after the Chain of Dogs.[1] The renegade Fist attempted to make them the equal of Malazan troops with Malazan-style training exercises and precisely ordered Malazan-style camps.[2][3] The elite core of the Dogslayers was its Heavy infantry.[4]

The Dogslayers had a reputation for savage butchery, and as the focus of Malazan outrage, knew their history would allow for no quarter from their enemies in a fight.[5]

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In House of ChainsEdit

Korbolo Dom prepared for the arrival of Adjunct Tavore Paran's Malaz 14th Army at Raraku by placing his elite heavy infantry at the head of the three main ramps leading to the Pan'arak oasis.[6] Trenches were dug behind the ramps to provide additional defence.[7]

Despite Korbolo Dom's boasts of his Dogslayers' prowess, they never met the Malazans in battle. On the eve of the confrontation between Sha'ik and Adjunct Tavore, they were massacred in their trenches by the ghosts of Raraku, Pormqual's crucified troops of Aren, and the fallen Malazans and Wickans from the Chain of Dogs.[8][9]

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