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The Dolmens of Tien were a series of stone pillars that stood like a forest of stone on a smooth, wind-scoured plain located by a bay at the northern-most tip of Jacuruku. They were built of "stones carved to sit one atop the other, diminishing smoothly on six facets to a blunt tip" just over two man-heights tall. Spaced about five paces apart, they continued inland from the shore as far as the eye could see. Running in north-south and east-west rows they seemed to form "a series of nested arcs, or vast circles." At the innermost ring of pillars lay an enormous circular plaza lined with pale stone carved to form ever-changing intricate patterns as the sun moved across the sky.[1]

Nearby were the collapsed remnants of an ancient city, its cyclopean stones mired in sand, its stone jetties submerged, and its immense dome of white stone canted at an angle. Along the beach was a settlement of impoverished fishermen living in ramshackle huts.[2]

The Thel Akai, Ereko, said the dolmens were built by humans long ago mainly for use as a cemetery, but also as a "ritual centre, timepiece, observatory, calendar, temple, and prison." Also the site of the first Chaining of the Crippled God.[3]

In Return of the Crimson Guard[]

K'azz D'Avore of the Crimson Guard was rescued from a grave within the Dolmens by Traveller, Ereko, Kyle, and the Lost brothers after being imprisoned there by Skinner and Cowl.[4]

In Blood and Bone[]

The Dolmens were the site of a previous Chaining of the Crippled God.[5]

Spite was temporarily trapped at the Dolmens after a disastrous attempt to acquire a shard of the Crippled God.[6]


This location is spelled the "Dolmans of Tien" in Return of the Crimson Guard, but both Blood and Bone and Assail spell it as the "Dolmens of Tien".

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