Dorrin [Dor-rin] was a young boy who was also secretly the king in exile of Anklos, a city in northeastern Genabackis. His family, the Batarius, were the original employers of Caladan Brood and set him to oppose the invading Malazans. When the Malazans took Anklos, they removed Dorrin's family from power and forced them into exile. Dorrin inherited the title when his father died. It was not revealed how many other members of his family survived.[1]

Dorrin was around 8 years old with a quiet personality. He travelled in the company of his guardian, Lyan the Shieldmaiden, and was very attentive to her instructions. She gave him weapons training when time was available.[2]

In AssailEdit

Before he died, Dorrin's father instructed Lyan to take Dorrin along on an expedition to the goldfields of Assail. Their mission was to build a war chest to finance an army to retake their home. Their ship wrecked on the western coast of Assail. Of the forty survivors, only Lyan and Dorrin survived the constant attacks from the native tribes of the Silent People. They met Kyle and banded together for mutual protection.

On the shores of the Dread Sea, they were ambushed by fortune hunters and Dorrin was seriously wounded by a crossbow bolt in his left leg.[3] Dorrin survived, but lost his leg from the knee down.[4] Later, Dorrin was evacuated from Mantle on the Resolute along with an escort of Blue Shields. Lyan remained behind, but they were expected to be reunited in Elingarth.[5]

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