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Dosin Pali was a city at the southern tip of Otataral Island[1] across the strait from Hissar on the Seven Cities subcontinent. The island was known to hold one of the world's most prominent sources of otataral, and the city was the gateway to the mines that extracted the magic-deadening ore. It was no more than four days journey from the Skullcup mining camp.[2]

The people of Dosin Pali were known as Dosii and for over three hundred years had been subjugated first by the Seven Cities mainlanders, then the Falari, and finally the Malazans.[3]

Dosin Pali was home to a faction of the Red Blades led by Baria Setral.[4]

Notable Dosii Edit

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Dosin Pali was one of the first cities to succumb to the Whirlwind, the rebellion against the Malazan occupiers. The mage battle that occurred there was so intense that fires could be seen from thirty leagues away.[5]

In House of ChainsEdit

After three days of burning, there was little left of the city. Pella and fourteen other survivors of the Skullcup garrison made their way to Dosin Pali's ruins where they found a Malazan trader ship to take them to Aren.[2]

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