A drake was a Tanno pilgrim ship, which brought pilgrims to and from Rutu Jelba where they could continue their journey by land to Karakarang. It would normally have on board a Tanno Spiritwalker, or at the very least a Tanno Mendicant, whose presence was the likely reason why these heavy and stolid ships were safe in all but the fiercest storms and why plague would not take hold on such a vessel.[1]

According to Samar Dev, drakes were usually half-empty on their return journeys.[1]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Taxilian recounted how he had been travelling on a drake headed for Rutu Jelba which was attacked by the Third Edur Imperial Fleet about two days from its destination. The Spiritwalker on board was killed only after resisting fiercely for some time.[1]

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