Assail & environs

Assail and environs

The Dread Sea, or Sea of Dread, was a large glacial lake in northern Assail. It was formed by the meltwater of a receding Jaghut ice-field that once covered the region.[1]

Omtose Phellack magics remained strong in the area despite their steady "rotting and slipping away."[2] Ships travelling on the lake encountered impenetrable mists, ice floes, and the occasional ghost ship, which often appeared only recently abandoned by its crew.[3] The night sky was filled with unrecognizable constellations. Sailors who spent too long on the lake gradually entered a timeless dream state before ultimately jumping from their vessels to drown in the water below. Only strong magic could guarantee safe travel across the lake.

On the northern end of the lake, near the channel to the Sea of Gold, lay Mist's fortress, where she captured passing sailors to populate the town at the base of her keep.

At the southern end of the lake lay Exile Keep, fought over by two families of mages, the Sharrs and the Sheers.

On the southeastern coast lay the pirate town of Old Ruse just before the Fear Narrows leading to the Sea of Hate.

Its western shore was known as the Anguish Coast while its southern shore was the Coast of Dust.


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