Dust of Dreams
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The Sea Does Not Dream of You
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Eaters of Diamonds and Gems
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Only the Dust Will Dance
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The Path Forever Walked
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In the first five years of King Tehol the Only's reign, there were no assassination attempts, no insurrections, no conspiracies of such magnitude as to endanger the crown; no conflicts with neighbouring realms or border tribes. The kingdom was wealthy, justice prevailed, the common people found prosperity and unprecedented mobility.
    That all of this was achieved with but a handful of modest proclamations and edicts makes the situation all the more remarkable.
    Needless to say, dissatisfaction haunted Lether. Misery spread like a plague. No one was happy, the list of complaints as heard on the crowded, bustling streets grew longer with each day that passed.
    Clearly, something had to be done . . .

Life of Tehol

Errant and Sechul Lath discuss which other Elder Gods are likely to take part in the forthcoming confrontation with the new gods. Sechal Lath discounts most of the others, but says he hopes that Olar Ethil remains uninvolved. The two of them plus Kilmandaros depart from the Azath Tower through a gate.

The ghost of Old Hunch Arbat guides Ublala Pung through a disused cemetery to the tomb of an ancient Tarthenal hero. All that remains of its contents are dragon-scale armour and an enormous mace. Ublala excavates them and dons the armour.

King Tehol summons Adjunct Tavore to make her a farewell gift. Ceda Bugg presents her with a knife, telling her to reserve it for her most dire need.

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