Dust of Dreams
Dramatis Personae Prologue
The Sea Does Not Dream of You
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Eaters of Diamonds and Gems
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Only the Dust Will Dance
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The Path Forever Walked
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The sea is blind to the road
And the road is blind to the rain
The road welcomes no footfalls
The blind are an ocean's flood
On the road's shore

Walk then unseeing
Like children with hands outstretched
Down to valleys of blinding darkness
The road leads down through shadows
Of weeping gods

This sea knows but one tide flowing
Into sorrow's depthless chambers
The sea is shore to the road
And the road is the sea's river
To the blind

When I hear the first footfalls
I know the end has come
And the rain shall rise
Like children with hands

I am the road fleeing the sun
And the road is blind to the sea
And the sea is blind to the shore
And the shore is blind
To the sea

The sea is blind...

Riddle of the Road of Gallan
Shake chant

The Barghast have been raiding Akrynnai caravans. In retaliation the Akrynnai army attacks the Barghast camp. Elsewhere another battle is being fought between the two sides when the battlefield is devastated by what seems to be a storm, but one that brings tidal-waves of earth; all are overwhelmed.

Onos T'oolan, escorted by only a hundred warriors, is investigating the destruction of a Barghast camp. A rival clan discovers them and attacks. Tool realises what will happen, and suicides to save his companions from being slaughtered.

Torrent meets Olar Ethil, who is in the form of a T'lan Imass.  She is annoyed that Onos Toolan has died and hints that she will do something about it. She says that Toc Anaster has interceded with her on Torrent's behalf, and so aids him.

Yan Tovis continues to lead her people on the Road. They finally reach its end and find themselves at Kharkanas, which is deserted.

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