Dust of Dreams
Dramatis Personae Prologue
The Sea Does Not Dream of You
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Eaters of Diamonds and Gems
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Turn this dark maddening charge
All you I once knew snagged like moths
In the still web of younger days
Rise up from the fresh white foam
In the face of my seaward plunge
Howl against my wild run and these wild
Blazing eyes-but I hear the call
Of how life once had been and such heat
In the crushed chirr of locusts rubbing
The high grasses of a child's road
And the summer was unending
The days refused to close and I played
Savage and warrior, the heroic nail
Upon which worlds pitched and wobbled
Blue as newborn iron and these salt-winds
Were yet to blow and sink corrosive teeth
Into my stolid spine and my stiffened ribs
That could take the golden weight
Of a thousand destinies
Where are you now, my unlined faces
On those rich sighing summers
When we gods ruled feral the wilding
World? Hollow husks turning on
Threads of tired silk so lost in my wake,
And you that run with me in the blind
Stampede-this charge we cannot turn
And the sea awaiting us waits with its
Promise of dissolution, the fraying of
Youthful days, the broken nails, the sagging
Ribs-the summers drifting away and away
And forever away.

Broken Nail's Lament

The Khundryl invasion meets the Bolkando defenders near to the capital. While they are routing the forces trying to surround them, Warleader Gall meets with Queen Abrastal who commands the Bolkando troops. The Queen agrees to the Khundryl demands for restitution and decides to accompany their army through the Wastelands.

The Perish are also marching, and easily outpace their poorly-equipped Bolkando escort.

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