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Dust of Dreams
Dramatis Personae Prologue
The Sea Does Not Dream of You
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Eaters of Diamonds and Gems
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We puzzle over the bones of
strangers and wonder at the world
when they danced free of us
of the men and women we were
then, tempts the whirlwind ghosts
of our victims and this will not do
as we treasure the calm and the
smooth of pretend--what cruel
weapons of nature and time
struck down all these strangers
of long ago, when we were
wimess in a hapless if smug way?
We dodged the spear-thrusts of
mischance where they stumbled
too oafish too clumsy and altogether
inferior--and their bones you will
find in mountain caves and river clay,
in white spider crevasses above
white beaches, in forest shelters of
rock and all the places in between,
so many that one stayer, we say,
cannot be responsible; but many
the weapons of nature-and the
skittish thing in our eyes as they
slide away, perhaps mutters, to a
sharp ear, the one constant shadow
behind all those deaths--why, that
would be us, silent in guilt, undeserving
recipients of the solitary gift
that leaves us nothing but the bones
of strangers to tumble and roll
beneath our arguments.
They are wordless in repose but
still unwelcome, for they speak
as only bones can, and still we will
not listen. Show me the bones of
strangers, and I become disconsolate.

Unwelcome Lament
Gedesp, First Empire

Onos Toolan is dead. He has a vision of an alternate past where the Ritual of Tellann didn't happen; instead the Imass dwindle and die out. He then encounters Toc Anaster, also dead, who denies him entry through Hood's Gate. Though Toc is the Herald of Death, he does this at the command of Olar Ethil.

Torrent wakes from a dream of Toc. Olar Ethil tells him that she will leave him for a while. She also claims to be an Elder God, known by many names including Eran'ishal and Burn.

The Akrynnai have beaten most of the White Face Barghast clans. Sceptre Irkullas, their leader, sees the battlefield and corpses destroyed by the arcane storm, and decides to try to make peace with the Barghast.

News of the death of Onos Toolan reaches the Barghast camp and triggers a night of madness. Aspiring leaders kill their rivals. Tool's wife Hetan is hobbled and raped. His children are attacked and would have died but for the intervention of Toc Anaster who kills their assailant. He takes the children to Setoc for sanctuary.

In the Wastelands, Onos T'oolan again becomes a T'lan Imass.