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Dust of Dreams
Dramatis Personae Prologue
The Sea Does Not Dream of You
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Eaters of Diamonds and Gems
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Only the Dust Will Dance
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The Path Forever Walked
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Sower of words out from the hungry shade
The seeds in your wake drink the sun
And the roots burst from their shells—
This is a wilderness of your own making,
Green chaos too real to countenance
Your words unravel the paths and blind the trail
With crowding boles and the future is lost
To the world of possibilities you so nurtured
In that hungry shade—sower of words
Heed the truth they will make, for all they
Need is a rain of tears and the light of day

The Ease of Shadows (Simple Words)
Bevela Delik

Errastas (the Errant) has summoned the Elder Gods to a meeting on an ancient, dead world. He came with Sechul Lath and Kilmandaros; eventually Olar Ethil and Mael arrive too. They are unhappy, considering the meeting to be premature. They warn Errastas that things are happening about which he is unaware, and that he cannot control. Errastas also becomes aware that Sechul and Kilmandaros themselves have plans. The meeting breaks up, Errastas leaving with Sechul and Kilmandaros.

The Bonehunters and their Letherii escort are en route to D'rhasilhani, first on foot, then by barge.