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Dust of Dreams
Dramatis Personae Prologue
The Sea Does Not Dream of You
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Eaters of Diamonds and Gems
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Only the Dust Will Dance
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The Path Forever Walked
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I have reached an age when youth itself is beauty.

A Brief Assembly of Ugly Thoughts (Interlude)
Gothos' Folly

In the Wastelands, a number of long-'dead' T'lan Imass return unexpectedly to un-life. They believe they have been summoned by the First Sword of the Logros T'lan Imass, Onos T'oolan.

Toc Anaster carries Tool's children on his undead horse, accompanied by Setoc. They come to a mound. Toc goes hunting and kills an antelope. While he is butchering it he is suddenly surrounded by the 14 undead Jaghurt. They chat, and Toc mentions the newly-arrived T'lan Imass. While Toc is away, the boy has summoned an undead Ay. Toc returns, and recognises the Ay as the ghost of Baaljagg.

The remaining Barghast clans have merged into an army, which is pursued by the Akrynnai army. Tomorrow they will meet. Trailing the Barghast is Cafal, who has arranged with Bakal for Hetan to be spirited from the camp and brought to him; he will take her away and hopes to heal her. The plan fails: Cafal and Bakal are killed and Hetan wanders off alone to die.