Dust of Dreams
Dramatis Personae Prologue
The Sea Does Not Dream of You
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Eaters of Diamonds and Gems
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What feeds you is rent
With the claws of your need.
But needs dwell half in light
And half in darkness.
And virtue folds in the seam.
If the demand of need is life
Then suffering and death hold purpose.
But if we speak of want and petty desire
The seam folds into darkness
And no virtue holds the ground.
Needs and wants make for a grey world.
But nature yields no privilege.
And what is righteous will soon
Feed itself with the claws
Of your need, as life demands.

Qualities of Life

In Kharkanas, Yan Tovis and Yedan Derryg enter the Citadel, its centre of power; the passage of years hasn't been kind to it. They debate whether the Shake should try to live in the city, or go to the nearby First Shore. Outside, they find the two Shake witches rendered unconscious by some external force.
They ride to investigate the Shore. When they arrive they discover it is the border between the realm of Dark and a sea of Light. The beach itself is comprised of fragments of bone that date from the fall of Kharkanas. Yan and Yedan exchange lore previously known separately by the Queens and the Watch. The Fall and the departure of those who became the Shake was caused when Mother Dark turned away, and so did Father Light. Gallan was a mage who created the Road as an escape-route; the exodus was ordered by Silchas Ruin when almost all of the Tiste Andii had been killed.

Sandalath and Withal have continued along the Road to Kharkanas. On arrival Sandalath is at first overwhelmed and collapses. She soon recovers, and explains that Mother Dark has returned to the city.

In Kalse Rooted the travellers are recalling more of their previous lives. But the hunter that the travellers had feared has arrived; it is Taralack Veed. He finds Nappett first and kills him; then others. Three are left, together in the Matron's chamber where Sulkit has now fashioned an enormous throne. Veed arrives and kills Rautos. He then tells Breath and Taxilian that the ghost is Icarium Lifestealer. It then seems to the ghost that Veed and the others disappear one by one, absorbed into him. He realises that the throne is a machine that he had once designed. He sits on it.

The Barghast and Akrynnai armies face each other and are about to engage, when the Senan, Onos Toolan's old clan, turn and leave the field. The battle starts without them. As it nears its conclusion, another arcane storm arrives, killing all involved with ice. The darkness gathers; out of it strides a figure: Draconus.

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