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Dust of Dreams
Dramatis Personae Prologue
The Sea Does Not Dream of You
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In the midst of fleeing
the unseen enemy
I heard the hollow horrors
of the wretched caught
We collected our gasps
to make ourselves a song
Let the last steps be a dance!
Before the spears strike
and the swords slash
We'll run with torches
and write the night
with glutted indulgences
Our precious garlands
bold laughter to drown
the slaughter in the stables
of the lame and poor
Entwine hands and pitch skyward!
None will hear the dread
groans of the suffering
nor brush with tips
glistening sorrow'd cheeks
on stilled faces below
Let us flee in mad joy—
the unseen enemy draws near
behind and ahead
and none will muster
to this harbinger call
for as long as we are able
to run these perfect circles
confound the fates
all you clever killers!
I am with you!

Unseen Enemy
Eflit Tarn

Errastas, Sechul Lath and Kilmandaros are briefly toppled by the noisy arrival of Draconus. On recovering they realise that the release of Draconus from Dragnipur implies that Anomander Rake is dead. Errastas and Sechul depart to investigate. Mael then arrives and discusses the situation with Kilmandaros. He suggests that Draconus wishes to precipitate a crisis that will finally resolve the situation with the Crippled God.

The Snake approaches a city of crystal. Badalle suspects, correctly, that one of the children, Breyderal, is a disguised Quitter.
Of the twelve Forkrul Assail Adjudicators and Inquisitors who set out to follow the Snake only four survive, and they are in poor condition; the hunger and disease that has killed so many children has affected them too. They see ahead the city that they cannot enter, so they attempt to kill the children before they arrive, using their power of voice. Badelle manages to turn their power back against them, and they retreat.

Onos T'oolan encounters a thousand T'lan Imass. They had originally believed that he was their summoner, but now realised he was not. He warns them that he seeks Olar Ethil to confront her as being the cause of his resurrection. Despite this they wish to follow him.

The Adepts of the Bonehunters are gradually recovering from the sudden return of Draconus. Quick Ben is particularly concerned; Draconus is trying to contact him.

Ublala Pung meets Draconus. They travel east together.