Dust of Dreams
Dramatis Personae Prologue
The Sea Does Not Dream of You
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Do not come here old friend
If you bring bad weather
I was down where the river ran
Running no more
Recall that span of bridge?
Gone now the fragments grey
And scattered on the sand
Nothing to cross
You can walk the water's flow
Wending slow into the basin
And find the last place where
Weather goes to die
If I see you hove into view
I'll know your resurrection's come
In tears rising to drown my feet
In darkening sky
You walk like a man burned blind
Groping hands out to the sides
I'd guide you but this river
Will not wait
Rushing me to the swallowing sea
Beneath fleeing birds of white
Do not come her old friend
If you bring bad weather

Bridge of the Sun
Fisher kel Tath


Silchas Ruin returns to the Refugium and meets Udinaas and Onrack T'emlava. He is concerned about Rud Elalle, Udinaas son, who is part Eleint; the Eleint are subject to uncontrollable rages in which they may destroy all near them. He proposes to take Rud away, partly to teach him but also for the protection of the Refugium.

On board ship, D'rhasilhani coastEdit

The Perish Thrones of War are sailing along the D'rhasilhani coast to Bolkando, where some of the Grey Helm forces will disembark and march north to join their Bonehunter and Khundryl allies. The young Shield Anvil, Tanakalian, finds the elderly Destriant, Run'Thurvian, about to die; with his last words he claims that there would be a betrayal, that their vow was a mistake. Tanakalian does not believe him.

Second Maiden FortEdit

At Second Maiden Fort in Lether, the coven of Shake witches have been conspiring to subvert the rule of their Queen, Yan Tovis (Twilight). Without her knowledge, the Watch, Yedan Derryg, protects her by murdering all but two of the witches. Twilight is forced to banish him from the Shake.


Udinaas discusses Silchas' plan with Onrack. Udinaas reluctantly agrees to Silchas' request.

Riverbank Bolkando Kingdom borderEdit

The Perish negotiate safe passage through Bolkando.

Second Maiden FortEdit

Twilight discusses their situation with the two remaining witches, who agree that they must evacuate the islands because of the rapid rise in sea-level.


The two Eleint veer to dragon form and depart.

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