Dust of Dreams
Dramatis Personae Prologue
The Sea Does Not Dream of You
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Eaters of Diamonds and Gems
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Listen then these are the charms
And will I see your pleasure stretched
An even dozen they crowd the tomb
You can read the dead in twelve faces
And the winter months are long

The shields are hammered into splinters
Beating war’s time will never ring true
Fools stir in the crypt counting notches
And the snow settles burying all traces
Crows spill the sky knocked like ink

Babies crawl to the front line
Plump arms shouting proof ’gainst harm
The helms rock askew in pitching tumult
And the brightest blood is the freshest
Round the well charged and spatted

Cadavers cherish company’s lonely vigil
The tomb’s walls trumpet failures
Dressed as triumphs and glory’s trains
And the fallen are bundled lying under foot
Each year Spring dies still newborn

Listen then these are the charms
History is written for the crows
By children with red lips and eyes blinking
On the cocked ends of their tongues
And it seems summer will never end

Hail the Season of War

Sandalath and Withal enter Kharkanas; its ambience is pervaded by the presence of Mother Dark, grieving over the death of her favourite son. Yedan Derryg has found a Hust sword, once broken and abandoned, now healed. He and Yan Tovis return to Kharkanas.

Errastas, Sechul Lath and Kilmandaros go to see the Otataral Dragon.

As Olar Ethil and Torrent approach a K'Chain tower they are joined by the two undead Eleint, Curdle and Telorast. Forced to explain their nature they say they were bound for millennia in Kurald Emurlahn, a punishment for trying to win the Throne of Shadow. They found they could escape only by possessing their current tiny skeletal forms. Torrent says he will try to release them if they agree to protect him.

Shurq Elalle's ship is transporting Princess Felash towards Kolanse. Felash's handmaiden is an adept and can sense that dangers surround Queen Abrastal in the Wastelands. Their only hope of warning her is by summoning Mael, which will endanger the ship. They do so; Shurq sees an approaching squall.

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