Dust of Dreams
Dramatis Personae Prologue
The Sea Does Not Dream of You
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Eaters of Diamonds and Gems
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The painter must be mute
The sculptor deaf
Talents are passed out
As everyone knows
Oh let them dabble
We smile our indulgence
No end to our talent
For allowances
But talents are passed out
We permit you one
Worth lauding
The rest may do service
In serviceable fashion
But greatness?
That is a title passed out
Don't be greedy
Over trying our indulgence
Belongs to us
Behind the makeshift wall—
The bricks of our
Reasonable scepticism.

A Poem That Serves
Astattle Pohm

In Letheras the Adjunct Tavore holds a meeting with her officers and Quick Ben. She tell them that the Bonehunters should prepare to travel east, through the Wastelands to Kolanse. Quick Ben explains that the Crippled God is there, and that the other gods intend to chain him more thoroughly and drain him of his power. The Forkrul Assail are also involved and are probably using the blood of the massacred population to create a Gate into Ahkrast Korvalain, their Warren.

Meanwhile Brys Beddict decides to lead a section of the Letherii army and escort the departing Bonehunters through the Wasteland. Ublala Pung remembers that Karsa Orlong told him to gather all the Tarthenal into an army for Karsa to lead.

Meanwhile Bottle discusses with his fellow squad mages how their warrens have been weakened. He reveals that Icarium made a new set of Warrens, perhaps from his own blood; and that this has disrupted the old ones. Fiddler's reading has fed extra power into these warrens. Sinn and Grub return to the Azath House and manage to enter one of the new warrens.

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